Moving to Hugo and Lanyon

So if you’ve been here before (highly unlikely, I know), you might have noticed this place might have previously looked almost entirely different. There’s reasons for that. I got somewhat frustrated with my existing cobbled together solution of python scripts, so I had a bit of a look around and found this nice new-ish project (in Go, which is an important factor for me, I like to be able to stare into the guts of the things I use.) called Hugo. It seems to support pretty much everything I want it to, which is super. And it’s also relatively simple in terms of what it expects from the user, which is also great.

Even better, a whole bunch of people have already made some pretty themes for it. Like this one, Lanyon. I’ve messed with it a little (I’m not a huge fan of pagination, amongst other things.), and I still want to add that lightswitch I mentioned when I first wrote anything here, but hopefully Hugo’s ease of use will mean I actually write some stuff in future, rather than despair at the code I’d need to write to get my scripts to do a thing and then go do something else instead.