The Making of

This post is hideously out of date. Go take a look at Moving to Hugo and Lanyon for the lowdown on way this site works now

So. I’d written two posts in anticipation of getting this up and running, however they proved to be glouriously incorrect. I’ve been through about three or four changes in terms of how I actually decided to do this, so… yeah.

Anyway, at this point, it’s a site that’s built from Jinja2 templates. Mostly. In case you haven’t noticed, some bits of it are still not yet entirely working. Mostly the contact page. And all the examples I need to throw on the page that’s supposed to convince you to pay me. Which is just a little bit awkward.

So initally I just planned to generate the blog using Pelican, but that seemed like a bit of overkill for what I wanted to do. Plus you know, I can’t call myself a real hacker if I don’t DIY this bad boy. So although it works at the moment, it’ll probably be something I polish for quite some time to come.

But at least so far the site is still almost entirely static. I’ll have to do something server side for the contact page, since I don’t really want to get spammed into the ground, but apart from that… it should be all slick and fast and stuff. Even more so once I eventually get around to doing some Ajax stuff.

Oh, so to summarize the two posts I’d originally written, my thanks to danneu for darkstrap, from which I stole quite a bit of css. And to the twitter bootstrap guys, Mark Otto and fat for more css, and making darkstrap possible in the first place.

I also owe fontawesome and subtle patterns for art cribbed from them. Chchur.

Oh, and Mr. doob for Three.js, even though I haven’t quite got it doing what I want it to yet. I’m planning on making this place at least 200% more shiny… soon…

Well, congratulations on surviving my aimless rambling for this long.

This reads way too much like one those tracks giving shoutouts